Climate-Controlled Storage Units in West Columbia

Keep your property in the best condition possible

What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Store with confidence at our state-of-the-art self storage facility

Our climate-controlled storage in West Columbia, South Carolina, provides a storage environment with regulated temperatures and humidity levels. This means that your belongings can be kept in the best conditions possible while in the storage unit you rent. 

Climate-controlled self storage units are especially important for items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. In addition to extreme heat or cold, some items may also be sensitive to rapid or frequent fluctuations in temperature. 

If you’re worried about where you store your important belongings in West Columbia, our climate-controlled self storage units on Fish Hatchery Road are just what you need to keep them in good condition. 

Rent a climate-controlled self storage unit in West Columbia today with Sabal Storage!

Our Climate-Controlled Units in West Columbia

Find the best storage unit for you! Temperature and humidity control that protects your belongings.


Regulated temperature and humidity levels are ideal for storing a wide range of items. Some of the most commonly stored items benefit from a climate-controlled self storage unit, including clothing and furniture.

Flexible Rentals

Are you unsure how long you need your self storage unit in West Columbia? That’s fine! We allow you to stay as flexible as needed with our month-to-month rentals.

Regular Pest Control

Our goal is to maintain the best storage conditions for the items you choose to place in your self storage unit from Sabal Storage. As part of this commitment, we regularly employ pest control services.

Do I Need Climate Control in West Columbia?

A regulated environment favors many of the most commonly stored items. Here are some examples of what items you should keep in climate control in West Columbia:

  • Clothing, bedding, and other fabrics
  • Furniture, especially wooden & upholstered
  • Electronics, especially computerized
  • Instruments of all kinds
  • Paper records and pieces of art

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